Thursday, July 09, 2015


After spending most of the day yesterday at my desk, I've little I can show for myself. Over the last two days I've been captioning photos, and writing the text for two chapters of Tiny Wooden Boxes. And I am in the process of beginning one more. That will lead me to joyous hours of worship in the woodshop.

After we have taken a break from Save the Ozarks (all legal work in our successful opposition being complete) we are now contemplating next steps. It seems that one of the most important weapons at our disposal in opposing SWEPCO's malicious 345 kV power line was the love we all seem to share for this land. Where there is knowledge, there is true power, and when SWEPCO revealed their plans to the public there was consistent outrage on all routes. No one was willing to say OK, and the monstrosity of the project meant that no one was willing to see it imposed on others.

So, now, what does Save the Ozarks do for round two? I am investigating a project that would take the beauty of the Ozarks and all its luscious features live through GIS mapping. The idea is that much more sharing of the value of this place would make it abundantly clear to those who would dump their industrialized intentions upon us that we care too much for the beauty of our place to sacrifice it to their corporate fever for enhanced profits.

In fact, the beauty of this place is what brings tourists. And as stated so clearly by one of our supporters in a public hearing, "you can't eat beauty, but here, without beauty, we don't eat."

On that same subject, one of my neighbors dug through the vile trash deposited upon our roadside and found the name and address of the person to whom the trash rightfully belongs. The county sheriff's office has been supplied with that information, and the guilty party will be given an opportunity to remove all traces of her transgressions to avoid being charged with a felony.

Any readers in the Little Rock Arkansas area may be interested in the opening of the Living Treasures Exhibit at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock this Friday night, July 10, from 5 to 8 PM. As the Arkansas Living Treasure nominated in 2009, I will be in attendance and there will be a display of my work with some work by my students from the Clear Spring School.

Make, fix and create...

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