Monday, July 06, 2015

more tiny boxes

I now have more boxes assembled and ready for hinges, and I suspect my readers will like the simple inlay pattern. With this decorative technique, no two boxes will be exactly alike. After the hinge pins are put in place, the front edges of each box will be shaped with a disk sander, and rare earth magnets will be installed so the lids will latch.

These are "pocket boxes" designed to fit in a purse or pocket to carry small, essential bits of important stuff.

Some of my readers may have noticed how their own hands may become trained to efficient action with little thought required. It appears that the fingers actually process information, easing the cognitive burden on the brain, but also making the neurological system more efficient. Imagine having reduced the amount of traffic on your neurological highway, thus speeding traffic at the same time. Your fingertips perform brain-like calculations. Read it and see what you think.

The wisdom of the hands is actually quite simple, and easy to acquire. You do not need any phenomenal level of skill to claim it. You do have to become cognitive of what your hands contribute to human life, to human culture, and personal growth and understanding. And then instead of sitting on your hands as though they don't matter, you will be inclined to tinker and let your hands do more of the necessary thinking for you.

Make, fix and create...

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