Thursday, July 16, 2015

puzzle progress...

I continue working on a variety of boxes, including some with sliding lids and the Japanese puzzle boxes. Tiny boxes lend themselves to batch processing. So the number of small boxes  in my shop has grown rapidly.

The illustration at left shows how the Japanese puzzle box is made, not including the sliding lid and dovetailed slide and mechanism at the front of the box. While the sides, front, back and lid appear as though they are crafted from solid wood, they are in fact, laminated in layers as shown.

There is a particular order in which the parts must be made and assembled in order to get good results, and I've yet to prove to myself that I can make one that works.

But then, life at its best is always an experiment.

And we are at our best when we  are actively experimenting, and taking material things and matters into our own hands. My readers may find the following useful:  7 Tenets of creative thinking.

Make, fix and create... teach others to do likewise.

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