Wednesday, July 08, 2015

further noting my disgust...

 I mentioned yesterday that a rude citizen had desecrated the road leading up to my house with his (or her) household trash. The authorities have been notified and I have hopes he (or she) will be identified and arrested. As you can see from the photo, the culprit probably has children that we hope will not be raised in such insensitivity, as that can be passed along for generations. You will also note in the photo if you look closely, that the bulk of the trash was placed at the foot of a small waterfall, which alone describes a complete disregard for the beauty of nature.

So where does regard for nature come from, and how are we to secure that for future generations? Unfortunately, the future of mother nature is not looking too good. Over half of humans now live in cities and have little direct contact with nature, and sensitivity is on the wane.

You will also note the volume of non-biodegradable plastic in the debris placed at my roadside.

We have a larger than ever engagement in the manufacture of plastic crap emerging from the maker movement. Those who were raised with plastic stuff may not know the difference between plastic and real wood. 3-D printing is a huge and growing consumer phenomenon, in which folks of all ages take pride in having "created" objects downloaded from Thingiverse. With the huge amount of plastic debris overwhelming our roadsides and landfills and we have an ocean full of it, we should be looking for other materials to satisfy our necessity to make.

When you choose to make things from real wood, you engage in a relationship with real trees and a real forest. May we each learn to seek the health and beauty of all that surrounds us.

Make, fix and create...

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