Wednesday, July 22, 2015

to lay back in wonder...

Last night a number of us from our family reunion loaded up in cars and went to the Headlands Dark Sky Park. It is little more than a long beach at the upper end of Lake Michigan from which you can lay back and look up at the stars, but in saying "little more," I am referring to the simplicity of the place. The parking lot was full and there were hundreds laying still on the ground and looking up at the wonders of the night sky.

One of my relatives brought a small telescope so we lined up to take turns gazing at the rings of Saturn.

It was a good reminder that as enticing as modern technologies have become, there are greater wonders in real life and in what little dark sky we have allowed to remain within view. Today I simply remind my readers to look up. The real world is at hand and digital technology is pale in comparison. Edutopia offers some tips on changing schools to maker spacers.

Make, fix and create...

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