Thursday, July 30, 2015

at the start of day four

I am in the bench room of "Stowe Hall" at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, preparing for my students to arrive for demonstrations and work on their own boxes. The hall has a temporary name above the door painted in black and white. Naming classrooms temporarily for each teacher is an honor that Marc confers upon his teachers, who indeed feel honored to teach.

This is the start of our 4th day of box making class. I have several demonstration boxes on my own bench, and there is evidence of learning at each bench in the long hall.

Today I will demonstrate making wooden hinges, the installation of barbed hinges, and help students with the installation of mini barrel hinges.

Each of my students is making boxes of their own design. We learn best through experience and through discovery. The things we have been taught may be abandoned and perhaps should be when we have knowledge acquired through our own experience and are less dependent on observations made by others.

Make, fix, and  create...

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