Sunday, July 05, 2015

as you can see...

As you can see I'm continuing to make progress on making tiny boxes. These I'm calling hinged pocket boxes for lack of a better name. I've used tiny rare earth magnets to provide a secure closure. The copper hinge pins will be trimmed flush prior to final sanding.

In the next photo I show stock prepared for the next set of tiny boxes. The lids involve a meandering inlay pattern in which veneer is used to fill the bandsaw kerf in thick stock. The maple stock was cut into three sections with meandering lines. These were glued back together with veneer between and cut again with yet another piece of veneer inserted as the two parts are glued back together. After being rip sawn to thickness and cut into short pieces, this stock provides numerous small lids for interesting "hinged pocket boxes."

Years ago a young man told me, "I hate learning." I knew what he meant was that he disliked being taught. Learning is always interesting and exciting and involves discovery. Being taught requires sitting still and listening to someone verbalizing on subjects about which one may have little interest. I was lucky to learn early that I loved learning, that I could do it pretty well on my own, and that I needed to be engaged in work that left plenty to learn for a lifetime of work.

Woodworking is like that. Starting with a simple material, a few tools and a modest skill set, you can build incredible experiences from your own imagination that will serve others through the delivery of useful beauty. I hope what I share in this blog encourages others to take matters and materials into their own hands.

Let me know if all this is working for you.

Make, fix, create and encourage others to do likewise.

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