Monday, July 27, 2015

More boxes and box making...

 This morning I am up early to do my last minute preparation for 5 more days of box making at Marc Adams School of Woodworking. In this class I will have an even dozen students, but I know already that they won't fit conveniently in a carton to be dealt with as a "class." All students are unique and each will have their own interests and goals.

I am reminded of the theory of educational sloyd which fits all learning and teaching situations.
  • Start with the varying interests of the students.
  • Move from the known to the unknown (which will be different in each case).
  • Move from the easy to the more difficult (all students will have varying pre-existing levels of experience and skill).
  • Move from the simple to the complex (simplification of processes will be of benefit to all students).
  • Move from the concrete to the abstract (This again applies to all learning situations, as students learn best from real life.)
Educational Sloyd also emphasized individualized instruction. The idea of a class in which all students are at the same level and learn at the same pace is utter foolishness, and is continually proven false in American schooling but is none the less rigidly adhered to. The photo below is of the machine room I will be using for the coming week.

Make, fix, create, and pass it along in whatever manner you are able...

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