Sunday, May 17, 2009

skill or scale?

Those lacking skill seek scale in substitution. As we decline as a species in ability to shape things skillfully with our hands, the human ego seeks other outlets; developments of massive scale and proportion. Throughout the world, people are striving as we once did to produce the highest buildings and largest developments. On the personal scale men and women sought the purchase of grand estates to fill emptiness in their lives, the hollow space left when there is failure in the creative engagement of the hands.

We call that being out of touch.

Our being out of touch has disastrous consequences for our planet. The remedy is simple. Plant, make, cook, garden, sew, care, nurse. We find that we are best as shepherds of simple things. A hand passed across wood discovers texture that is modified and made smooth by touch. In that simple conscious act is the power to reshape the world. Let it be restored and made anew.


  1. tico vogt7:09 AM

    Re: your dust collector box. I like the simplicity of the design and mechanism. I'm curious to learn about how the shavings will work in the corner where the holes are close to each other and at an abrubt right angle. Also if angled ramps would be important, or not. I am totally familiar with your situation of moving up and down and around to connect from one machine to another, a situation I vowed a long time ago to correct. Hmmm... don't see any progress...

  2. The box is easy to clean should something get stuck, but the shavings have gone through smaller spaces in leaving the equipment and entering the flow of air through the pipes. While the sharp corners inside will create some resistance to air flow, I doubt that it will be enough to limit effectiveness. And then, life is experimental. If it doesn't work, I can throw it out and start over.