Saturday, May 02, 2009

Custom By Design

Yesterday I delivered work to the Historic Arkansas Museum for their show of contemporary furniture, Custom by Design, which will be set up from May 15 through January of 2010. In case you are unfamiliar with the Historic Arkansas Museum, it's most notable and most revered object is the original Bowie Knife but it also holds a collection of original buildings from the early days of the founding of Little Rock.

As you can see in the photos one exhibit has just been removed to make room for the arrival of our work, and two of my 6 pieces in the exhibit are hunting their temporary homes in the museum. Works by six or seven Arkansas furniture makers will be in the exhibit. A piece by Mia Hall is shown below.

I will be set up selling my books and DVD at Books In Bloom tomorrow from noon until 5PM and will give my talk on the "How-to of How-to" at 4:15.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doug. I found your site while looking for ideas on doing woodworking with preschoolers, here in Scotland. Your work is beautiful, and your ideas on hands-on work and its importance really resonate with me. Also you have introduced me to something new-sloyd, I had never heard of it, and always love learning new things, so thanks! Brenda