Thursday, May 14, 2009

the day of launch

We had a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms but chose to launch despite the chance of bad weather, and despite the conviction among some students that the blue whale would sink on its maiden voyage.

As you can see, it floated like a charm, even when loaded with 7 high school and middle school students.

It was very nice that some parents turned out to watch and the kindergarten class from Clear Spring School, too, shown in the last photo below. The press came too, and an article about the maiden voyage of the blue whale will be featured in the Lovely County Citizen. My sincere thanks are offered to the Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission for the loan of a beautiful Lake Leatherwood, as well as oars and life jackets. Special thanks, too to Daren Guillory, Clear Spring School parent for transportation of the blue whale to the lake for its launch. All were excited and pleased to test the results of our boat building efforts. The kindergarten students felt left out, not getting to ride in the boat, we gave them a chance to have their pictures taken at the oars while the boat was safely secured at shore.

Now that the excitement of the launch is over, I turn my attention to the White Street Art Walk, which happens here in Eureka Springs tomorrow night.


JD said...

Avast me hearties!!! She floats! Hoooray! Great work, all!

You will want to check the web for "Talk Like a Pirate Day," a REAL national celebration....well, of sorts!!!

Lucy Stowe said...

It looks great, Dad! Your students did an excellent job. FINALLY, you got to build a boat! I take it that you are going to build yourself a canoe next? Ha ha ha... I am glad that you put up pictures!

Doug Stowe said...

Lucy, your mom and I are really looking forward to your coming home.

I think the next boat will be a sailboat.


Anonymous said...

Nice work with the whale. And excellent choice for the next project! A sailboat is a great way to involve all the senses. Good to hear from Lucy, too.