Monday, May 18, 2009

my ALT reception

I had my "Arkansas Living Treasure" reception yesterday at the Crescent Hotel. It was so amazing to share the event with so many old friends. As I have mentioned before, it takes a village to raise a craftsman... perhaps that is an understatement. It really takes a culture and a village, and a family and friends. I am so lucky to live in a community that values skill and attention; that values beauty and utility in simple work; and in which encouragement is offered to personal growth. I hope that in time, what I have received from my friends will become a movement... that we may all become known in our own hearts and to each other as living treasures in the expression of skill, creativity and growth. Thanks Peggy Kjelgaard for the photo and for placing my name in nomination for this award. And here is the important thing...
Jane Tucker made cookies for the event based on my technique for making inlay. They are not only as beautiful as real wood, they taste better, too. If you look carefully in the photos below, you will see cookies displayed on serving pieces that I and some of my students at Clear Spring School made in years past.


  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Ah, wish I could have been there to see you get this much deserved honor. And the cookies looked pretty good too!


  2. Mario, it would have been nice to see you. And the cookies were great.