Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sir Michael E. Sadler, 1906

Sir Michael E. Sadler from Educational Handwork
"I write this in the belief that, for all-round development of the brain, there should be in elementary and secondary education much more training of the hand, and of the power of expression through the hand, than is customary in the too bookish tradition which has come down to us from classical humanism. Such a subject as history is too apt to pass without challenge into the circle of those subjects which are taught out of books and from a literary point of view. We have to claim it as falling into the scientific division of the course not less than into that of the humanities. And there is need in the teaching of it for the use of the hand and of the constructive powers. From this point of view, handwork in the elementary school is not such a subject by itself as a form of expression ancillary to several branches of the curriculum, namely elementary science, geometry, geography, and history."
In the photo below you can see the almost completed air control box for shifting the dust collector in my shop from the planer to the table saw. By cutting a small gap in the side of a pipe, its diameter can be reduced to fit inside a pipe of the same size, allowing for ease in the making of parts. You can see the inside of the control box in yesterday's post.

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