Thursday, May 28, 2009

celebration of the child

Tonight at Clear Spring School we have our end of the year program called "the Celebration of the Child." I've been to about 18 of them since our attendance started when our daughter Lucy was in Pre-school. The Celebration of the Child is where visitors really see the depth of the school as each (and every) child is recognized for their very special gifts and qualities. Sometimes, when things are matters very much of the heart, rather than intellect, one finds difficulties putting into words an adequate description to do justice to an event. Perhaps the words in the title say enough, The Celebration of the Child.

I am reading Mark Thomson's book Rare Trades, Making Things by Hand in the Digital Age. In it , he visits and photographs a variety of craftsmen in their studios, sheds, garages, etc. and tells a bit of their interesting stories. You may remember Mark Thomson as the author of Blokes & Sheds. I wanted to share a quote with you from this book, as it is thoroughly poetic. But instead, I will quote a quote from the book. After all, a word to the wise may be sufficient. We all have hands with very few tragic exceptions and if we were to choose to put them to use in creation of useful beauty, we would most assuredly become wise. If you're not there yet, copy and paste this in a file to read later...
"It is in the human hand that we have the consummation of all perfection as an instrument." Charles Bell, 1840
Join us in the celebration of the child. You need not be present (at Clear Spring School) to win.

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  1. Oh to have a celebration such as this one at the school my son attends. It seems as though children in our public school system are so often square pegs being forced into the proverbial round hole. Thank you for the reminder to revel in their strengths.