Thursday, April 02, 2009


We had a very successful reArt fundraiser last night, raising thousands of dollars for our Eureka Springs School of the Arts. The money will help pay staff salaries and expenses as we prepare for yet another spring and summer of great classes.

Normally in Eureka Springs, artists are asked to contribute work for charity auctions and we contribute because it is often easier for us to give work than to give money. But reArt allows all the community to give art and raise money. Community members dig old art out of closets, contribute to ESSA, and we sell it back to suport the school. We have both a live and silent auction, and last night's highlights were aprons designed by local artists that sold for hundreds of dollars each. Now, who in their right mind would spend hundreds of dollars for an apron? Well, these were pretty special aprons, each designed by well known artists and members of our community know that they are not just buying art, they are supporting the school and what it does for our region.

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  1. We love our apron! By the way, your carving lesson fetched a princely sum, which should help ESSA, also. I had a great time, as I am sure everyone did. It was quite an auction, more people should take advantage of what Eureka has to offer!