Monday, April 06, 2009

barred owl again

This may get boring to readers though it never would to me. I heard the barred owl in the woods this afternoon, and then this evening, he (or she) was sitting on a branch posed for photos. While the camera was on a tripod, the photo was taken with low light conditions and with a telephoto lens, so focus isn't perfect. I take pleasure in my encounters with wild things. You will notice a slight difference between these and earlier photos. You can see dogwood leaves opening in the background. Tonight we are expecting below freezing temperatures.


  1. not bored with the owl at all!

    My three young children were impressed by the new photo.

  2. Elaine, I took a photo just as the owl was launching into flight, but he (or she) just looks like a whoosh of feathers and eyeballs. I think I'll have to keep trying.

  3. that looks a lot like my owl!

    I wonder how many owls inhabit our urban forest and how far they travel. MIne does not come back to the same roost every day.

  4. Mine seems seasonal, and I don't know how far it wanders. It has not been coming to its roost of late. I have been told that if you search under a roosting spot, you can find owl pellets full of mouse bones and fur.

    I know Bob Ebendorf would love it if you were to bring an owl pellet to class this weekend. Just think of the incredible jewelry you could make.