Sunday, April 05, 2009

memory lane #1 Fine Woodworking #181

The free-flowing, irregularly shaped top on Stowe's planing bench (20-3/4 in. deep by 67 in. long by 37-/4 in. tall) was salvaged from an 8/4 walnut plank resting in his barn. Choked with wandering pith and pocked with checks and decay, the plank was unsuitable for fine furniture, so Stowe cut away the defects and retained the irregular edges created in that process. The gaps in the assembled top are handy spots to locate clamps. After applying the finish (linseed oil, Danish oil, and paste wax), Stowe and his wife christened the bench with a candlelight dinner, complete with fine wine, fancy tableware, and good friends.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What an excellent piece of work. Almost too nice to work on it, and better for getting together with friends.