Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more boat...

I have the 5th through 8th grade students helping me with the boat now. They are preparing for exploration (by car) down the White River, from source to mouth. So we are on a push to get it nearer to completion. We may not get finished in time for a crossing of the White River at Beavertown, but it would be fun. We are laying on additional strips so that the tarp used for the skin will have adequate support.


  1. am enjoying seeing the process of the boat, thank you!

  2. Elaine, this is one of those projects where I've wondered what I've gotten myself into. The kids were asking today, "How do you know it will float?" I hope it floats better than the one I built when I was their age.

    But education, like life, should involve some degree of adventure, and to have adventure, the unknown is required.