Friday, October 31, 2008

Today will be a busy day. Gary Junken, Taunton Video Director will be here for round two of Rustic Furniture Basics. It is raining so we will bring some of the video shoot indoors until things pass. Today is also the Harvest Party at Clear Spring School. Gary and I will slip by the school for a few moments this morning to get the wood shop booth set up, so there will be some woodworking for the children to do at the party.

I have been reflecting on cursive. What if we learned to regard writing as a meditation? It is for some, and is made more meaningful, full of meaning, by paying attention to how the words are laid down on the page. What if your deepest thoughts and highest aspirations are reflected not only in what you say, but in how they are delivered with full consciousness... not only that of the mind, but the full attention of the body as well?

Would those words become so powerful that they might change the world? They will, one writer at a time.

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