Sunday, October 05, 2008

I generally try to avoid politics in the blog. But when political campaigns decide to fight on falsified issues of "character" and fear rather than matters of real substance, real solutions to the problems that face the American people, we all lose and so I take off my gloves to share the following video from the Obama campaign:

You will note that when someone just doesn't get it, when they don't have a clue, when they have lost all framework for understanding, all direct sense of reality, we say that they are "out of touch!" Our hands are our primary and most essential connection with reality. touché!

This is what happens when a candidate spends too many years in the US Senate, relying on past heroics to cover hollow bluster, lives in so many houses when most people would feel pleased and blessed to actually own one. Unfortunately John McCain has announced that it is time to turn the tables on Obama, campaign dirty and change the subject from the issues that trouble the American people to what he claims are the faults of his opponent's character. And McCain is so far out of touch as to not see how deeply stained and hollow his own character has become.

This reminds me of something else the hands are good for. A good Sunday morning day of rest kind of thing to do. We can place them together face to face and pray that the American people are led by wisdom and pursuit of greater good in their selection of president.


  1. I'm a Chicago Police Officer. I've spent many hours working personal protection with Politicians, actors, heads of state, etc. Regarding ANY POLITICIAN - I've learned one thing - I don't believe anything. I've seen it with my own eyes, and heard it with my ears. PLEASE stick with the great blog. I enjoy reading it. I enjoy your books and they've helped me.
    With respect, Mike

  2. Mike, thanks for your feedback. You might enjoy reading this article about McCain from the new issue of Rolling Stone:
    Perhaps you are right about any politician. But nothing could be clearer to me than that McCain is despicable and the fact that he would risk putting the executive branch in the hands of Sarah Palin is beyond belief. This election will be over soon and while I would rather just talk about the hands and stay directly on topic, I have a sense of duty also to speak out when i feel something so deeply.

  3. "A sense of duty?" For me, if that were the case - disclosing sensitive information regarding many well known people (Obama - and wife - Clinton and wife) would get me in some serious trouble. Possessing that information is the reason I became involved with furniture/box making. It's simple for me. If I see more unsolicited political opinion on the blog - I'll just stop looking.
    Again, with respect to your work. Mike

  4. Mike, that would be quite all right. Unsolicited? Since when has this blog been driven by reader solicitation?

    The election will be over in 29 days and if it disturbs you that you and I might have different opinions about American politics, come back later in mid-November when you will be less likely to be confronted by the off chance that I might say something to disturb you.

    In the meantime, furniture making and box making are worthy endeavors that tend to make us better at lots of other things, and may even help us keep better grasp of sanity in these difficult times.