Monday, April 02, 2007

Today was a busy day at the Eureka Springs Post Office for the Stowe family. Lucy got an acceptance packet from Wesleyan in Connecticut. It is a good school. Not her top choice, but it is nice to know that there are others who recognize the value of her hard work. It is one more important bit of information that will bring Lucy closer to a final decision.

I got a contract in the mail for an article in Fine Woodworking. I wrote it last week and most of the photography was done last month when editor, Tom Begnal was here.

I got royalty statements from Taunton for my books and DVD. It is nice to see that things are selling, making them money, (and me money) and that I will have a check coming.

The 4th good thing was a flyer from the Woodworker's Book Club which I've scanned as an image above. It shows my new book and DVD as the main selection. This will be great for sales. The book and DVD are listed together for a package price of $29.95 and if you send in your payment at the time the order is placed, shipping is free.

I spent the evening cheering for Lucy's soccer team. It is one sport where you are penalized for using your hands and your head is used mainly as a blunt instrument for bashing the ball. Is there something to be discovered in this?

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