Saturday, April 14, 2007

Last night I went to ReArt, a fund raiser for the Eureka Springs School of the Arts (ESSA). I am one of the founding board members of the school, so I had to do a few things to help set up, and then help clean up when the event was over. But all of that was fun, largely because of the wonderful people I was working with. And I am always much more comfortable at a social event if I have some kind of work to do.

Here in Eureka Springs, we have a huge number of artists who are always very generous in donating work to support charities and fund raisers. The idea of ReArt is different. Instead of artists donating the work to be sold, anyone can donate. People check their closets and bring out old works done by others. You can clean your closet of artistic treasures, turn them into cash for the organization and make the work available to a new and more appreciative owner, all in one fell swoop!

There is an old saying which I've mentioned before, "In Bali, we have no art. We do everything as well as we can." Here in the American culture, we have lots of art, and in Eureka Springs, we have lots and lots more than what would be normal, but "art" is made and acquired as a distinct reaction to a carelessness epidemic in American life.

For the next day or so, I hope to address this topic. I may not have much time to do any posting, but carelessness will be the subject of my contemplation. Join me.

Last night I saw an artist friend, who, bottle of whiskey in pocket, informed me "Its all bullshit!" Leaving me with the question: If art is a refuge from carelessness... a world in which we care and the outcomes of our efforts are reflective of higher purpose, then why doesn't it always work?

This morning I'm going to visit a friend who is giving a dutch over cooking demonstration at the Kingston, Arkansas library. Tonight is Lucy's Prom. Tomorrow I go to Little Rock to see a presentation at the Arkansas Art Center by Sam Maloof. If I'm lucky, I'll have pictures to post.

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