Friday, April 27, 2007

Just a few end of the week observations... I stopped by the 5th and 6th grade classroom to get an update on their weavings. Tyler Fyfe has already woven a small pillow. Other students had a variety of interesting weavings still on their looms. Some of the students are ahead of the others because they've been working through recess. It is fun to present a process that engages the student's imaginations and motivates them to work with so much enthusiasm.

One of the challenges I've noticed in the wood shop is that some students work faster than others, some are easily distracted, and a few are inclined to rush through their work. I've tried to explain that rushing leaves some things undone, may result in a lower level of quality, and that it would be best to simply slow down and pay more attention. Tyler finishes his work and asks, "Now what?" I explain that if he rushes through his work, there is little to do but sit and wait patiently for the others to catch up. And of course, my hope is that next time he will really slow down and do his work with a higher level of attention to detail. It will come in time.

A friend of mine pointed out this morning that Tyler's speedy rate of work may be the result of computer gaming. If you've played one of the Harry Potter games for example, the object is to rush around gathering every flavor beans and Wizard cards and if you aren't fast, they disappear. The players rush frantically from scene to scene, with a constant state of expectation that can be described with Tyler's words, "Now what?"

Personally, I think the weaving is far more interesting and productive. Tomorrow is open house at Clear Spring School, hours 2-4. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

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