Thursday, April 12, 2007

I thought the posting from on the koala would have to be a hoax, but then I learned through the discussion of the kangaroo of the work of Dr. Richard Paley, Phd. in "Theobiology" His article on his expedition to the Congo in search of the last remaining dinosaurs is an amazing and humorous bit of reading. Is it also a hoax? Makes one wonder. Could any real person actually be so foolish?

He begins the article as follows:

Propagandists of Evolutionism, in their attempts to discredit research into the true Biblical foundations of Origins, have often accused Creation Science of being a non-experimental endeavor. This couldn't be further from the truth. Besides lab experiments involving such diverse fields as hydrology, discontinuity systematics, and design inference (to name but a few,) Creation Scientists also do fieldwork to test hypotheses and gather evidence of God's handiwork.

Dr. Paley's opening remark does brings up the important role of the hand in science and the discovery of the fundamental processes of material reality. Hands-on experience and experiment are required in all science. The sketch above and the photo below are the "evidence" of Dr. Paley's "discovery" in Africa. Equally entertaining is Nigel Stubbingwicke's response to allegations made by Dr. Paley toward Mr. Stubbingwicke's behavior in Africa. On Stubbingwicke's site, click on the link "facts".

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