Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In the previous post, I mentioned Procrustes' "one size cripples all educational system in America." So, what about the successes? What about the students who fit the learning style and move through the system to gain high salaries and all the earmarks of success? How could I have the gall to state that it fails them as well?

There are the invisible in today's society. I can put a face on one. He works at Chicago O'Hare airport and there are thousands very much like him in every city, large or small, working similar jobs. This man in particular, moves quietly, almost invisible to most as he empties the trash containers of the refuse hastily abandoned by all the thousands of important individuals heading for their flights. As I watched, I wondered how many spent even one brief instant in acknowledgment and appreciation. There is an under-appreciated America and on the other hand, at the other extreme, a thankless and self-important, self-absorbed one.

According to Otto Salomon:

If we would get rid of the antagonism between the different classes of the community, and bring about a good understanding between them, it is absolutely necessary that each should respect and appreciate the work of the other; and that everybody alike should understand that all work, mental or manual, gives dignity to all who engage intelligently and properly therein.

The consequence of our social stratification is that many of the "successful" people in our society, in order to preserve their own safety and security, must reside behind walls, security fences, alarm systems and the false security of guns to protect themselves from the society they have played a part in creating.

Is that a joyful expression of the heart? If they were to look within their own hearts, what kinds of feelings would they find there? Can you see the consequences of Procrustes bed? You might even feel it... It reflects both success and failure and lies as a heavy weight one hand's width below your own chin.

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