Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another wonderful place in New York City is The Frick. The museum at 1 East 70th Street houses among other things a collection of ornate European furniture. You will marvel at the opulent and meticulous craftsmanship completed for the royalty of Europe. The building itself reflects a superb level of craftsmanship from an earlier time in America. If any readers would like to post suggestions of other must see places in New York, I promise I won't be able to see them this trip, but I will share them here in the blog.

Another thing of note. If you visit Grant's tomb, look for the mason's tools that were donated by a worker's family. Seeing the tools used in the making of such a monument, brings it into human scale. You might want to read about the mining of Maine Granite. You will find that Maine Granite was important in the architectural development of New York. The image above is from the granite quarries.

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