Monday, April 30, 2007

The scope and sequence of citizenship... Scope and sequence are educational terms which mean the following:

Scope: The vision of what the students should have achieved at the end of their entire school experience.

Sequence: A series of age-appropriate achievements that students succeed at during their school experience in order to master the scope.

We think of schools and learning as related to academic subjects, but we really know that the most important problem solving skills are those having to do with getting along creatively and productively with other people. There have been a number of publications and studies over the last few years indicating that "emotional intelligence" may be more important to success than brain power. Working effectively in a team is actually the most important skill for any child to develop.

One of the things I plan to do in the coming months is write an article about the "scope and sequence" at Clear Spring School through which a child is introduced to community and helped toward becoming an active and effective citizen.

Our Clear Spring School camping trips are part of that sequence. The teachers divide the students into "patrol groups", not just based on who gets along with whom, but on who can help nourish the growth of whom. The groups are made up of students from all grade levels, first through 6th and there are 4 elected positions of responsibility within each group. The responsibilities are real and the success of the camping trips depend on student participation. The positions are leader, assistant leader, recorder, and go-fer, and each level carries duties and responsibilities. You can see how easily a child can grow toward greater responsibility through the years at Clear Spring School.

I will have more to share on scope and sequence of citizenry later. It is one of the many things at Clear Spring School that make it an educational model for the 21st century.

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