Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One of the benefits

We are without power due to the ice storm her in Arkansas. I managed to chain saw and trim the downed limbs and trees from our gravel road, so we can get in or out when the inclination hits. I still have a bit of life in the laptop. This morning I saw the barred owl that lives in the wood below the house. Normally, due to the speed of life, I might not have noticed. With electric power, we ourselves take on a faster pace. He stands about a foot tall, but with a wing span of 3 feet or more. They fly with complete silence, but I have been hearing his (or her) call from the woods for a couple years now, and have wondered when I would get a glimpse. The ice storm will be very good for owls. The many trees broken off by the ice will make great homes in the coming years. And today is a great day for walk in the woods. It is like standing in a crystal cathedral and when the sun comes out we will find ourselves in a blaze of light.

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