Thursday, January 08, 2009

The best learning times are when things don't work.

In designing education for children, both the students and teachers need to be drawn beyond their comfort zones. It's cracking egg time. You can't put things back, but without risk, there is very little growth. And this same thing applies to both student and teacher.

I asked the high school world history class about possible woodworking projects that correlate with their study. Several mentioned boats. We have about 5 weeks with one day per week. Can we do it? We don't have the space available. We don't have time. So, aren't those additional reasons to take on the challenge?

The photo above is from the last boat inspired project at Clear Spring. We made sculpture designed from the half-model and the project was featured in Woodwork Magazine, December 2004.

Today we begin, knowing that we learn the most when we fail miserably.

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