Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our new wood shop at ESSA

The contractor for our new wood shop at ESSA is making tremendous progress. Yesterday the concrete was poured for the machine shop floor. The pad shown in the photo will be furred up 2 inches, and then the surrounding floor will be poured up to the height from which concrete block will commence for a few layers up.

What you see in the photo are the machine room in the back, the bench room footings at right, the gallery/entry space at left, and where the man is standing at left is on on the footings of the lathe room where there will be 9 large woodturning lathes.

This will not be the world's largest wood working studio, nor the best equipped, but it will be ours, and a place where I hope many will be inspired to learn through their hands and find the joy of it.

For me, this (as has been the whole of ESSA) is the start of a dream come true.

Make, fix, create, and demonstrate for others the joy of learning likewise.

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