Monday, October 17, 2016

a misinformed and unsophisticated sense of reality.

I awakened in the middle of the night concerned about the interconnection of all things. No thing exists in isolation from other things. And yet as a matter of convenience, we are taught to call certain things by certain words, and our communication with each other is eased by using correct terminology. But a hammer without a use, or a history of use, or a user, or a history of having been used or made would be a lifeless thing. A hammer, on the other hand, when its use (and power) is fully understood, when its use in human culture is known and accepted,  and most particularly when it is swung to hits its mark and do its work, is not a lifeless object, but rather, a point of interconnection in the whole of life, unbound.

Schools, too often, out of necessity due to their construction and constriction, treat children themselves as objects and as limitations, when in actual fact, they are far more boundless and interconnected than most teachers, administrators and educational policy makers might ever imagine.

In truth, there are no boundaries between things, or between people or between people and the natural world that surrounds us. Life is made rich and full when we are encouraged to witness the interconnections between things, that too many regard as empty space.

Today, I have grades 1-8 in wood shop at the Clear Spring School.

Each morning I go to our feral hog trap to check the game camera and see what showed up in the night. Very early this morning we had one boar that entered the trap, but due to the brightness of the moon, it was able to nibble corn right around the trigger without setting it off and closing the trap. As a sign of progress, this is the first time that particular boar was able to overcome its fear of entering the trap.

Make, fix, create and dwell upon the mysteries of learning likewise.

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