Wednesday, October 12, 2016

clown box guitar

Yesterday I received an order for boxes from Appalachian Spring Galleries in Washington, DC, and was reminded that they've sold my work since before the first Clinton Inauguration in 1993. At that point in American history, there were lots of Arkansans moving to Washington to take part in the new administration, and they were able to find my work for sale in their new city.  The boxes and desk accessories I'll be shipping to Appalachian Spring Galleries are unchanged (in design) from the ones I first shipped to them so many years ago.

I have been painting guitars, which is about the last physical work to be done on the box guitar book. I have made a "clown box" guitar, decorated with polka dots, and another one with the dots more constrained.
Next comes a clear coat finish (on the guitar at left), and painting of one more guitar.

Make, fix, create, and propose that others be given the chance to learn likewise.

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