Friday, October 07, 2016

bridges and nuts...

I spent most of the day yesterday continuing writing chapters and captions for my book on making box guitars. The particular chapter's I'm working on now are on electrifying the guitar and on making bridges, tail pieces and nuts.

My preferred local wood for bridges is persimmon, the only North American member of the ebony family. Persimmon in the Ozarks is noted for the persimmon fruit that ripens just about the same time the leaves are falling from the trees. The wild persimmon fruit has an astringent taste until just after the first frost, so be prepared to pucker up on the first bite.

Yesterday I showed one of my students using a shooting board, a subject I had shown before in the blog. Follow this link for instructions.

The bridges shown are (at top) ukelele style bridge made of persimmon and routed for a bar type peizo to fit, and another electrified bridge, also of persimmon.

Make, fix, create, and extend the likelihood that others learn likewise.

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