Monday, October 31, 2016

just in case you thought school woodshops were dead

The pictures are old, but the commitment is alive and well if you visit Schaller Lumber with locations in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.They have a special discount page on the internet dedicated to fulfilling the lumber needs of woodworking programs in schools.

I am beginning design work on a table for friends and shopping for white oak or sycamore in large dimensions. A friend recommended Schaller Lumber and I was surprised to learn of their continuing commitment to industrial arts.

These lovely old photos of students at work are from their site. And just in case you thought school wood shops were dead, at least that's not the view of Schaller Lumber.

I am cleaning my wood shop in preparation for a studio tour this weekend, and in the Clear Spring School wood shop, I am preparing for the receipt of a new wood lathe.

Make, fix, create, and provide for others to learn likewise. Each will be glad you did.

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  1. Good news that there are still companies supporting school wood shops.