Friday, May 11, 2007

We are on the edge of a great awakening. You know those last fitful turns in bed, as sleep recedes and one awakens full consciousness to a new day? It is coming to us. Every culture that has been effected by industrialization has gone through the following pattern... the loss of indigenous crafts and the marginalization of the creative character of the common man... a rise in the incidence of mental disease and chemical dependency... general breakdown of intergenerational relations of mentoring and the communication of significant cultural norms... And so, we are poised for change and renewal. We will awaken to the significance of our own individual creativity. It may come slowly at first, but it is inevitable. The power of the human hand is a force so deeply ingrained in the warp and weft of our genetic structure that we can deny it for only so long before the swing of the pendulum brings us up from sleep. It is the crack of dawn and you and I are the first to awaken.

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