Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recently published research from Columbia University connects excessive television with attention and learning difficulties. A new study by Jeffrey G. Johnson, Phd. provides evidence that:

"Television viewing time at mean age 14 years is associated with elevated risk for subsequent frequent attention difficulties, frequent failure to complete homework assignments, frequent boredom at school, failure to complete high school, poor grades, negative attitudes about school (i.e., hates school), overall academic failure in secondary school and failure to obtain post-secondary (e.g., college, university, training school) education."

The findings have important preventive implications, according to Johnson and his colleagues. "... By encouraging youths to spend less than three hours per day watching television, parents, teachers and health care professionals may be able to help reduce the likelihood that at-risk adolescents will develop persistent attention and learning difficulties."

It is extremely important that parents begin to understand the dangers of television. We must also present positive alternatives that offer success. Involvement in the arts and athletics has huge potential in the development of our children that we are neglecting in our current educational and cultural environment.

The photo above is of Clear Spring School first and second graders yesterday in the woodshop.

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