Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am all packed and ready to leave for my weekend class at Ft. Lauderdale early tomorrow morning. It seems I can't ever leave home without forgetting something important, but falling into a group of box makers is the best of all worlds. There is something very special about the people who work with wood. They make the best kind of company to spend time with, so even if I've forgotten a few things, we will enjoy the experience, make the very best of it, and I will come home on Sunday having made new friends.

There are some qualities in wood that seem to bring out the best in people. First of all it seems that woodworkers are grounded in reality. They know beauty when they see it, and are often drawn to what can be called authenticity. Of course this is just my feeble attempt to explain what may be inexplicable.

Has anyone else noticed this interesting phenomena?

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