Friday, May 04, 2007

If you look at yesterday's word, heu·ris·tic, you will see that it has three different meanings, two of which didn't exist in my Webster's New World Dictionary from my college days. The use of academic jargon is part of the problem in today's world. Instead of discussing things in language approachable by common readers, conversations fall between cracks in the academic pavement where they are understood only by those falling in at the same time.

The Wisdom of the Hands exists at the point where "the rubber meets the road." While I know there are important academic conversations going on, yesterday's word, heuristic calls for practical effort. Experimentation. Efforts to apply new and old techniques and then to observe and measure results. In that sense, I believe heart and soul that the simple use of woodworking to give greater depth and meaning to the education of our children is a proven formula that deserves replication. The scholars will debate and score points and in time common sense will reveal that the hands are the essential element in the engagement of the heart in learning and life.

I tried reading some of the academic controversy, and found that it is so much more interesting, so much more engaging, so much more fun and so much more productive to spend time in the wood shop. Join me there and find out for yourself. The common ground for any conversation concerning human beings should start with the use of our hands.

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