Saturday, May 05, 2007

Today I'm busy trying to compose a 20 minute talk/reading for the Books in Bloom Literary festival tomorrow. You know it is hard for a craftsman to get up in front of an audience without his or her normal visual aids. If I can show a box, or a photo, or even a drawing to the audience, I can feel at home, but tomorrow's talk is bare. It is ironic how uncomfortable the literary world can make one feel, and yet, I know that many of the people who write can't make a thing. So, as I work on my talk, I'm remembering to keep it light and to keep it fun. If it also enlightens and makes fun, that is OK, too.

We also had the Artrageous Art Parade in Eureka Springs today. I am somewhat saddened that art always is concerned with being different or unusual or new, rather than with being well done, excellently proportioned, and exquisitely crafted. The idea that if it is different, it must be art, is not one that I can accept.

The photo below is of the Books in Bloom entry in the Artrageous Art Parade. The Girl on the back of the Mustang convertible is my daughter Lucy.

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