Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mario Nunez sent me the photo at left of his students cutting dovetails at Erie Community College in Buffalo, NY.

I have observed that woodworking is one of the clear ways that students can engage with materials in a dialog concerning quality, and that if one can manage to look objectively at his or her own work and master its quality, that mastery can be extended toward other endeavors. We build upon the past. The kinds of experience Mario's students gain in cutting dovetails will serve them in many ways. You can see the results of the student's work in the photo below. Very good for a first set!

"Many, perhaps most, people never get an opportunity to do dovetailing, but every human being, man or woman, may acquire from it the habit of doing well whatever he or she is called upon to do."-- Otto Salomon

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  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Better that my students become famous in the blog than me!

    Now if I could just get the two or three really big guys in the class to quit using that size and strength...