Monday, May 21, 2007

The HurriQuake nail was named Popular Science Innovation of the Year. It is a wonderful thing... the first major improvement in the nail in over 100 years, and when it is in wide usage, it should save many lives and millions or billions of dollars from property loss in storms and earthquakes. You can read about the HurriQuake nail Here! or Here!

The HurriQuake nail should allow homes to withstand direct winds of up to 170 mph instead of 95.

The story of its invention is a true story reflecting the Wisdom of the Hands. The inventor started out working for his father as a carpenter framing houses at 14 as described in this link at the Popular Science website. After working for his father, he started his own construction firm, but found that he wasn't competitive because he preferred to hammer by hand. Follow the link for more of this remarkable story.

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