Friday, May 18, 2018

white st.

I have set up a display of my work at the Lux Weaving Studio for the White St. Art Walk. It is one of the premier art events of the May Festival of the Arts. Join us this evening from 4-10 PM

This is a busy weekend. I am trying to help my students finish projects at school. My wife is getting ready for the Books in Bloom Literary Festival at the Crescent Hotel on Sunday. I will be there directing traffic.

The toy tank is one that I made as an example, based on similar toys my students have made in the past. Having seen it as an example, some of my students now want to make them. It works that way. What they see they want to make. The physical object tells them what they need that with experience tells them what to do next. What they make may not end up looking like mine after their own creativity is launched. Attention to the relationship between the concrete and the abstract is a useful tool in planning lessons and learning. When kids do real things in school, no test is required as the real learning is self evident in what they've done.

It is a lovely day today to finish painting our Bevins Skiffs. We will do that.

Make, fix, create, and adjust learning so that all students have the opportunity to learn likewise.

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  1. Lovely tank.
    Have fun with the painting of the Bevins skiffs.