Thursday, May 17, 2018

pride and sadness.

The elaborate home arrangement shown in the photo took two weeks of twice a week wood shop to complete. I cannot tell you what everything is, but I can tell that it was well thought out and carefully decorated and arranged.

Today I continue arranging my work at the Lux Weaving Studio in preparation for the White St. Art Walk on Friday May 18 from 4 PM until 10 o'clock.

Yesterday my middle school students finished their birdhouses. They were not perfect, but as the kids noted, "the birds won't mind."

Yesterday we had a new student in wood shop whose parents have enrolled him for the coming year. His little brother was along when his mother came to pick him up. I could hear the little brother screaming from across the playground, "I didn't get to make anything!" The tears were real.

Would you not also be sad if your brother had gotten to make something and you had not? I invited the boy to come into the shop and select from some items that had been left unclaimed and unwanted by other students. The boy left happy. If all works out well, he will be in the Clear Spring School wood shop in a couple years making things for himself.

How do we impress upon parents the need their children have to create?  The pride they have in what they've made might have some effect.

Make, fix, and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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