Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I spent much of the day yesterday and the day before at my desk, writing bits and pieces of the Wisdom of the Hands Guide to woodworking with kids. I need to remember to keep more balance into my life. Concrete to balance the abstract.

Last night my cousin Mary Lou Taylor was featured on the CBS News program 48 hours as they explored her work to discover the truth about her brother's death in Vietnam. You can read about it here:

We are so proud of Mary Lou and her courage in leading a quest for the truth and for restoring her brother's honor. In 2001 Jean, Lucy and I were privileged to be among the guests at Arlington Cemetery when Andy Muns received (posthumously and at long last) the honors that had been denied him. We met the folks from NCIS that worked on the case. It is a remarkable story in which she had to confront her brother's killer after having watched him re-enact the murder during his confession.

Today in the wood shop I'll be working on jewelry chests. They are ready for assembly, and for me to begin the careful fitting of drawers.

Larry Copas did an experiment drilling through a  maple dowel with a gun drill to gauge its effect. The variance as about 1/16 in. over a length of 13 inches. This would be perfect for making flutes. Drill first, then rechuck so that the centers are in the holes at each end. A tool is an expression of human knowledge and the culmination of experience. Each tools carries the potential for an expansion of human creativity.

Make, fix, and create.

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