Thursday, May 03, 2018

more skates.

My students have continued their experiments in making skates, and one student brought an extra pair of shoes to school to use in making his. Now the students who had not made skates before want to make them, also.

Success in making skates is not measured in whether or not the skates work, or whether or not they work well, but in that the making of them leads the students to think, observe, speculate and plan.

One student and I tried my experiment using shaker canvas chair strapping and Velcro to attach her skates. The adhesive on the Velcro was insufficient, and we'll have to find some better way to attach the Velcro in order to make the straps work. I may have to make some skates for  myself to test the concept.

Even when the skates are a failure, they are taken home proudly, and the parents are drawn in, even if only to save the good shoes from the perils of hot melt glue.

Reading is important. No one will deny that. Other things are important also.

Make, fix,  create and assist others in learning lifewise.

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