Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I was out at the new ESSA woodworking studio yesterday to go through the electrical requirements with the electrician. The roof is almost complete.

I also met yesterday with the teaching staff at the Clear Spring School, our director and the director of Arkansas A+ Schools. My hope is that since we have a 40 year track record of the arts integration they are trying to introduce to Arkansas public schools, we may be of some use to them, and their teacher training and collaborative opportunities will be of use to us.

Some have called the Clear Spring School the best kept secret in American education. Perhaps we can share what we are, and what we do and make schools and learning better for all kids.

The new ESSA woodshop looks like a mess with the roofing material being put in place. Huge crates in which the metal roofing arrived will be disassembled and used to build workbenches.  A more serene view is available from the path leading through the woods.

Make, fix, create, and increase the opportunity for others to learn likewise.

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