Sunday, March 12, 2017

What does it cost? And what are the values?

The Clear Spring Fling was postponed yesterday due to a late season snow storm in Eureka Springs. The temperature dropped below freezing after having been in the fifties the day before. The art auction benefiting the Clear Spring School will be held this afternoon at 1 PM. The temperature will climb, the snow will be melted and you are welcome to attend.

Finnish brain researcher Matti Bergström had described a sociological syndrome he named "finger-blindness" in which those who had not had the opportunity to create and explore hands-on would be diminished in their understanding of the world in which they lived. Just as a blind person might be diminished in capacity to readily grasp the outward appearances of things, the "finger blind" would be blind to intrinsic value.

Too many of us are living that way now. The first question that one asks upon seeing something beautiful and useful that would enhance one's own life, build the intelligence and character in other people in our communities, and thus create "fabric" in our own lives, is "how much does it cost?'

If we were to expand the dialog and ask other, more meaningful questions, we might find ourselves leading more meaningful lives and building (or restoring) community and nation in new ways. So what are some more meaningful questions?
  • What are the core values we trying to express? 
  • Beyond money or even without money, what do we hope to give to each other and receive from each other? 
  • How will this benefit our kids? 
  • Does this help us to understand each other and build resilience within our communities and our nation?
  • Does this allow me to give more freely to others without resentment?
  • How may I help others to arise? 
  • How may I help others to grow?
I have been impressed by the portraiture being done by George W. Bush of wounded warriors. Perhaps the project is an effort on his part to make amends for having sent young men and women into battle in a thoughtless manner. Engagement in the arts, even in a remedial manner, brings us in touch with core human values, leading us to better understand the non-economic values of community and humanity and of the natural environment we must be educated to preserve.

The illustration above is one of my favorites as it portrays the communication of intelligence and character to a new generation.

Make, fix and create.

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