Wednesday, March 29, 2017

whittling and turning a maple bowl.

In the Clear Spring School wood shop my first grade students put on an excellent demonstration for a video crew working on a documentary project about the history and impact of Froebel's Kindergarten. My students whittled sticks, turned wood on the lathe, made toy cars and were both careful and cute.

I enjoyed having Scott Bultman and his crew Jay and John for their visit, and for extended conversations about Froebel, both on and off camera. Kindergarten for most people has become a thing in name only for most people who have so little understanding of Froebel's original intent. It is refreshing to spend time in the company of others who share a similar vision of what education should and could be for all students.

Some of  my high school students began turning bowls. I am turning one of my own using a large piece of maple provided by a friend. My student's bowls are rather small and from dry wood. My own is large and green so will take additional steps. The first steps were to roughly shape the outside and then begin removing material on the inside. It is somewhat nerve wracking to turn such a large piece. When not on the lathe I keep it in a plastic bag to keep it from cracking. More steps will come on it next week.

Make, fix, create, and increase the likelihood that others learn likewise.

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