Saturday, March 11, 2017

spring fling...

This evening Clear Spring School will hold its annual Spring Fling, an auction event that raises money for the ongoing operation of the school.

I will have a couple objects in the auction including a small walnut rocking chair that I made for Nelson Leather Company in downtown Eureka Springs about 30 years ago.

As an independent school, Clear Spring School is dependent on the generosity of many who understand its role as a leader in progressive education. It is intended to serve both the community, and the educational community at-large as a role model.

Fine Woodworking recently showed the use of marking bows to draw curved shapes. The photo shows my own version that is quickly made and easily adjusted to a variety of smooth curved forms.

The Fine Woodworking version showed the use of turnbuckles to adjust. My own approach attempts to be simple and parsimonious. It uses a stick with notches that hold the string at various positions, increasing or decreasing the tension on the bow, just as an archer would alter the shape of the bow.

Make, fix, and create.

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