Saturday, August 29, 2015

learning from the experimental

Vacuum tapering jig
Sometimes things work as we expect or hope, and we learn nothing from the situation. Other times we fail dismally, and we hit the books (literally) trying to find answers to what went wrong. Yesterday I tested my jig for ripping tapered veneers for archery bow limbs. It worked to perfection.

My experiment in using the vacuum bag to glue the veneers, on the other hand, was a disaster.  Since I am making these from greenwood, I learned from my mistakes that common wood glue is of no use with damp wood. So, I switched gears and methods. I went back to form and "C" clamps along with Gorilla Glue. I also learned that six flexible tapered strips is too many. The limb was too stiff for me to bend. With the next test, I'll try only three layers instead of six and see how that works. If any of the kids are strong enough for a more powerful bow, we'll try four.

Today I'm going to Springfield Missouri for the Ozarks Mini-Maker Faire.

Make, fix and create... assist others in doing likewise.

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